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    Good Deal on IRC allowing box.

    I am looking to sell a box and transfer it to the buyers name in which I no longer have a need for. The box was prepaid for a term of 1yr. At which time we bought the server during a special. The 1yr term ends on 1/25/05.The server is located on the blacklotus limelight network in arizona. The network allows IRC and is designed for filtering dos. The server was formatted less then 2 weeks ago and we have removed any changes in which we have made since the format. If you wish to have a new os installed at a cost $75 per half hour.

    Server Specs
    CPU: Pentium 4 at 2.66GHz
    Ram: 512MB PC2700 RAM
    Hard Drive: 40GB IDE 7200 HDD
    OS: Redhat 9.0
    Port: 10/100 Auto sensing
    IP Space: 3 IP addresses, each additional $1.00 per month.
    Bandwidth Incoming: Unmetered
    Bandwidth Outgoing: 800gigs. Each additional GB of transfer, $1.00
    Test Ip: (ping is disabled)

    We are asking $1,000 for this server as you are purchasing it for 8months+. The server sells for $150 a month for only 300gigs bandwidth and ours has an additional 500gigs. Also we have recently added an apc setup to it and have paid for the next month for the apc switch. You may choose to keep this for an additional cost of $20 per month or you may get rid of it if you think it is unnecessary.

    Contact me VIA any methods in my profile or on WHT or through irc at

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    Nessun has received prior permission from us regarding the sale of this server, just to clear up any doubts anyone may have regarding the legitimacy of this offer.

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