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    MYSQL ASP - Help with my homework

    hope this is an ok post but recently when I have been using my university server to do some uni work. I keep getting the message that there are too many connections....

    Error Type:
    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
    [TCX][MyODBC]Too many connections
    /students/1fullg18/layout/left.asp, line 41

    is what I get whenever I try and connect and run an asp script that looks at the mysql database.

    could I have caused this or is it a general server problem??

    I cant login to phpmyadmin either.

    any advice appreciated thanks

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    It's hard to know without looking at your script....

    It seems to me like a General Server problem, but maybe it's in your code.

    Question to ask to yourself :

    How many connections do I open per page ?
    Do I close those connections ?

    If the answer is more than 1, maybe 2, to the first one. You should tweek your code.

    If the answer is no to the 2nd question, then tweek your code ASAP.

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    it appears to have sorted it out.

    thanks of the advice.

    i had forgotten to close the connection on one of the pages so that is now sorted

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