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    Redundant / Load Balanced / Cluster / Failover IIS Servers

    I have a mission critical IIS Site that I need to set up some time of failover for. I have never even looked into this.

    Currently using win 2000, not sure if this app will even work on win2003.

    Any suggestions?



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    Depends on the budget and the app.

    In general, I'd recommend throwing hardware in front to do the load balancing, like an Alteon, BigIP, or similiar. That would negate any special app needs for the most part, on the front end anyway.

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    urls would be great...

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    I need a cheap solution, like a step up from 2 servers, and round robin DNS. This is for a internal Intranet, not internet, no ssl or anything.

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    A Linux Virtual Server box in front is probably your best bet on the cheap end. If you don't want to mess with it yourself, you can probably hire a guru for less than a hardware load balancer.
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