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    6x6 inches in photoshop, prints as 6.5x6.5, Why?

    I created an advertisement for a newspaper that is 6x6 inches in photoshop (72 pixels per inch).

    However, I sent it to the company and the lady told me when she prints, it measures 6.5x6.5.

    Why is this? How can I fix this problem? What should I resize it to so that it prints as 6x6 for her?


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    Maybe shes not printing it at 72ppi? Elisha Cuthbert Gallery

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    Originally posted by pubenemy
    Maybe shes not printing it at 72ppi?
    72dpi would be horrible for print anyway. You should have your image at 300dpi or better for print or your graphics will look fuzzy (see Ping!Zine as a great example of a whole class of "designers" who don't know the difference.)

    Check Image -> Image Size to see what resolution and print size you have, and adjust accordingly.
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    also check your bleed and margin settings. a 6"x6" image is a 6"x6" image any way you slice it. It is probably her printing settings that is at fault here.
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    Yup for print 72 is not the move. 300dpi min. Also usually the extra is for bleeding. You should ask them to either supply you a template for the ad.
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