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    Hello, im Sergio again. I posted some time ago and i get a lot of work from WHT... now i finished some comic cover workLINK and im available again to take more work like graphic designer.




    I specially would like get works to do mascots, templates and conservative logos, i need conservative samples for my portfolio (im not the cheapest designer but now we can negotiate better prices).

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have some doubt.

    Thanks a lot.


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    out of curiosty how much for a mascot?

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    Originally posted by RealityHost
    out of curiosty how much for a mascot?
    John Heslop

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    I usually charge about 150-300 US$ to do a mascot, i can do with flat colors (cheaper) or like the full rendered mascot you see in my samples.

    I always am open to negotioation to found exactly what you need.

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    Wow, great work. I need a logo done, maybe a few things, not a large budget though. How much for a nice logo like the ones on your page??

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    Thanks a lot Notorius. I usually charge about 100-200 US$ to do a logo. I like talk about the paid by messenger or email.

    If you need more than 1 work we can negotiate a full price for all the work.

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    Gonna have to pass on that at the moment. Thanks though, good luck w/ your business!

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    What are your normal lead times and payment terms?

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    Time depends on the kind of work you need, the time im waiting for feedback and if you have a concept in mind. I usually take a couple of days for logos, a bit more for mascots.

    Paid terms, its depend on what you need.

    100-250 US$ logos.
    150-300 US$ mascots.

    I usually charge a bit % upfront, full paid when you are fully agree with the work, before i send you the high resolution files... all transfer by Paypal.

    I hope reply your doubts.

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    Thanks for reply... I'm considering an ongoing project, kind of a new concept. I've been getting some work done from India, which has been excellent, but your style has caught my attention. Once it matures a bit I will send along an outline.

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    ok, contact me if you need something in the future.

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