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    kill -8 and db becomes inaccessible

    hi, i saw a mysql process using lots of cpu, so i "kill -8" the PID. Now the I cant access the db for the specific domain. It returns:

    mySQL error: Can't open file: 'ibf_sessions.MYI'. (errno: 145)
    mySQL error code:

    Weird thing is i am able to access it via phpmyadmin. I've tried restarting mysql, but it doesn't work. Any help? thanks.
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    Some suggestions:

    1. Check out the man pages for kill as there are different signals you can send (i.e. the -8 is a signal).

    I've found -5 works the best in most cases as it allows a service to terminate gracefully (if it can).

    2. You may have corrupted the indicies (MYI is an index).

    You may want to read up on the mySQL documention; there is a command to rebuild / repair corrupted indecies.

    Thank you.
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    out of interest, why did you send SIGFPE (signal 8) ? was this a mistake for 9 (sigkill)?

    sigterm is a more graceful kill..

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    out of interest, why did you send SIGFPE (signal 8) ? was this a mistake for 9 (sigkill)?
    it was a mistake
    anyway I've repaired the db as suggested by dynamicnet, and everything is working good. Thanks everyone
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