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    modernbill/ problem

    Can anyone help me with an problem. I've spent the last few weeks messing around with Modernbill, and I have a fairly good idea of how to accomplsih most of the crucial tasks here, but this billing system is killing me. I'm coming from Clientexec which is much easier, but I really want to use Modernbill (it seems like a much more advanced program). Anyway, I've done just about everything. . . created my trasaction key, turned on, etc. Here's my process: I complete a mock transaction with my own cc (i created a $1 package for test purposes) via the online order form. The mock client account is successfully created. I then activate the client. Next, I encrypt the cc. When I'm done, I select generate invoices, then generate batch, then run batch . . . but nothing. The invoice does initially post as unpaid within Modernbill, and when I process it, it does (within Modernbill at least) post as paid. However, I never receive any receipt from and the transaction does not post to (i know because I check the virtual terminal for verification). Any ideas where I'm going wrong? This is really driving me crazy. Also, the receipt that I receive does not contain the actual info, if that helps any. Instead, it contains Welcome %%FULLNAME%%!, etc. Someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Itried Modernbill for assistance but they're support seems to be very slow.
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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    support at MB has seemed to be a bit slow. I just purchased about a week ago, and have had similar 'fun' experiences. Who is your merchant provider for I went with Chris & CDG and just today have all desired card types up and running fine. All my transactions are working fine, but I have everything in test mode so I can't check actual reports on The emails DO come through though.

    As far as the variable parsing, I ran across a lot of similar problems on the modernsupport boards today. I would do a search there. Some people recommended turning the parse SQL (or whatever it was) option on.

    Good luck.

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    Make sure that you have Curl installed on your server:

    Also, make sure you have and MB set up correctly. Follow the instructions at:
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