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    Web hosting recommendations


    Im pretty new to all this stuff so i need some sound advice before spending any cash. Ive got a website a mate has set up that contains flash animation and html. Im gonna mainly use it as a biog page for me and my mates, so it will contain photos, mp3 mixes, and text. im probably gonna use the space for some asp stuff as i have recently aquired the basic skills to program it.

    the website i will be using is: just to give you an idea of what needs to be hosted.

    The spec im gonna need is:
    - Bout 500mb space (no less)
    - Alot if not unlimited traffic as the mixes are 100mb and alot of people are gonna download them
    - ASP
    - Support mp3s of approx 100-200mb and streaming audio
    - anything else that anyone recommend i will need

    was looking at brinkster but they dont seem to be much liked on this board! also a domain name site wouldnt go a miss too!!

    would greatly appreciate any advice....


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    just to let you know, I registered my hosting of with I like the company and Arvand so much, that I registered another domain, with him. I am not an endorser or anything - they are a good, reliable company with good reviews. He is fast and MUCH better than other companies I have gone with in the past. If you have any questions e-mail me at bschwartz AT - great company.

    Brian Schwartz

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    You might want to give host quote a try

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    Alot if not unlimited traffic as the mixes are 100mb and alot of people are gonna download them
    Stay away from unlimited. There is no such thing as unlimited data transfer/space. Also keep in mind that usually you get what you pay for.

    Try to broaden your options. Always use common sense and don't go for the cheapest possible price.

    Good luck!

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