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    Looking for a good webhost

    I'm looking for a great webhost that provides a lot of space with a lot of bandwidth. As well as excellent equipment and excellent features.

    Like the latest CPanel and other stuff.

    I'm willing to pay $40 a month or less.

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    You should be able to find a Suitable host within the price range your looking at.

    A good suggestion would be to use the Host Quote feature at the top of this page

    and then do your research on the companies that respond to you.

    Best of luck!!

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    Currently I use to host my account. They have been really good, I pay $35 a month. Check out there plans and see if it meets your criteria. You might also want to check who I keep reading is pretty good.


    I like how your hosting site design is very original compared to 95% of whats out there.

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    What are you looking for??? are you looking for a reseller account or shared account???

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    I'm willing to pay $40 a month or less.
    For how much space and data transfer exactly? A lot can be pretty much anything... Give us some figures.

    $40 for 40 Gb of transfer is OK, but for 400Gb is not OK and yet both 40Gb and 400Gb could be considered "a lot"...
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    Check /, they would suite your needs

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