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    H-Sphere Question


    I just want to ask a question about H-Sphere.

    1. I know H-SPhere has capabilities of registering domains (through enom) with hosting packages. I was just wondering, is it possible to register JUST domains on their own? as in, without a hosting package?

    2. If a customer is registering a domain with a certain hosting package, at what point does the domain name registration come in the process of purchasing a package?

    3. If a customer only registered a domain (without a hosting package), can they administrate the domain from the H-Sphere control panel where they registered it, or will they have to log in to enom to administrate the domain?

    4. Finally, if only a domain is registered, later on, can the customer add a hosting package to the domain through the control panel?

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer me in advance, it is greatly appreciated.

    Saqib Mughal

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    #1 No, it is imposible to register just the domain, without any hosting package.
    #2 Customer can register domain during the signup or at any moment later on, during the lifetime of the account (due to multiple domain hosting)
    #3 see 1
    #4 see 1

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    Thanks for your help!

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    You may want to post H-Sphere related questions in the H-Sphere community forums at

    In terms of #1, you can create a hosting plan (granted it uses a H-Sphere license --- one per customer login) that is geared towards just domain name registration and DNS provisioning.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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