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    Around 500 Email Accounts - Ded or VPS

    I am looking a hosting around 500 email accounts. The usage will be similar to most home ISP mail boxes. Would I require a dedicated server for this or would a VPS suffice? Also, at the moment I am using a reseller account which requires clients to type "" for their username. Will a ded or vps allow them to just type "username" instead?

    Whilst I realise the DED would be the best at the moment I am aware of the costs of a properly managed DED.

    The VPS I was looking at would be a guaranteed 128MB RAM and 256+mhz CPU time.
    The DED I was looking at was Celeron 2.4 with 512MB.


    EDIT: It would not be used for anything other than mail serving.

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    It sounds like your cPanel with the username problem. If you can manage to do without it, login can be changed to just "username" without the additional "+domain", just set up whatever webmail script you will be using to do so.

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    I understand that you can type in the email address for the username.

    I am sure some one can help you out with changing the config for username settings for cpanel and exim...

    Steve should know
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