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    Need help/ private name servers


    This first time I used WHM, I have one problem and I need the help:

    I want to create my private name servers as:
    NS1.Mydoman.COM / NS2. Mydoman.COM
    I had register with, when I tried to change the Name Server for my domain as (I mean the main domain for My reseller account)
    Name Server1 (example)
    Name Server2 (example)
    Go daddy system gave me this message:
    Field Validation Error
    Please correct the following issue(s):
    Unknown error in field Host name1
    Unknown error in field Host name2

    I want to make my domain name and my all clients used
    NS1.Mydoman.COM / NS2. Mydoman.COM
    Special when any one looks on the info about the domain (who’s domain)
    So please anyone can help and tell me what I must do

    Thanks for help
    Note: My reseller account registered today

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    Hi eiad

    DO You have shared or Dedicated IP's on Your acount ?

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    Withing Godaddy, Open Domain Host summary, its near the bottom of the right hand screen.

    Enter NS1 and then the IP you were given
    do the same for NS2

    update the details.

    After this, go to nameservers summary and change the information in their to

    update the details,

    This should work and your nameservers should be ready to use withing 24-48 hours.

    Hope this helps

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    I have shared IP

    Thanx 4Hosted for help and I will doit that

    Thank you all

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