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    How do you get a 6.95 enom account?

    Do you have to pay an upfront fee? Is the fee redeamable against domains? How many domains do you have to own to make it worth your while?

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    There are 2 ways
    1- to get from eNom directly and to be an ETP
    2- to buy it from someone
    this maybe helpful
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    Like honestman said, there are 2 ways, and mine is the second way. I bought my $6.95 account from an ETP well known here. FYI, you can check the current offers here


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    prepay for 1000 domains $6950 to get $6.95 pricing directly from enom as ETP
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    The market is so saturated today... I really don't think there are too many companies / persons that prepay $6950 for domain names. There are many choices, many new registrars and much cheaper offers... but enom is still the best and most reliable solution and provider.
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    Try EBay.
    Quality web hosting

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    Originally posted by Research Names
    Try EBay.
    yet another well considered detailed response :p

    Do you have to pay an upfront fee?
    Is the fee redeamable against domains?
    How many domains do you have to own to make it worth your while?
    upfront-fee - No, not if you deal with Enom directly, Yes if you "buy" an account off someone *reputable* like Zoli or take your chances on something not so reputable as ebay

    redeemable - to secure your initial pricing as an ETP (enom technology partner) you *deposit* money in advance of registrations - the more you depsoit , the lower your pricing
    $6950 in = 1000 domaisn @ 6.95 for example
    *note* not all extensions are 6.95 ....

    how many - depends on what extensions - (there is life beyond the cnobi domains) and how many years you regsiter them for , how many transfers-in you do, and how many you expect to sell

    in a *brief* set of calculations of interest on teh overdraft, vs domain reg fees, vs transactions I once estimated that it wasn't worth having a 6.95 a/c over a free 8.95 a/c until about 120 domains, then about the same cost until 775 domains and then better after 775, it was actually a bigger case of can we afford to tie up 7k with enom on*future* registration business, rather than using that cashflwo and just adding $500 as and when we needed to ...

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