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    * BurstNET Billing Problems.. Again

    Usually when one thinks of Nocster/Burst you think of fairly good network that could use a small bit of work and some really good people working behind the scenes.

    Well over the past month my experience with Nocster/Burst has been a headache. In the first thread I made (Link: ) I ended up not paying them the balance before ordering the box canceled. No worries, I cleaned that up as soon as I had the balance in my Paypal account. Over and done with.. or so I thought.

    Today I recieved a bill in from them for 104.91 for a box I sent in a cancelation for three weeks ago. (50 dollar reactivation fee and 54.91 for the monthly fees for the server).

    Anyhow I wrote a nice reply to this email and sent it to [email protected].

    To whom this may concern:

    On April 6th 2004 a ticket was logged for the cancelation of See "{100-186120} RE: server" for
    more about this. Shortly after the reply was received from Mike Rosario a
    cancelation request was logged using the link
    "". On April 20th 2004 a followup request
    was sent to the same ticket to ensure that the cancelation request had been
    processed. This was never replied to. See that is
    canceled and that the charges amounting to 104.91 are reversed.

    Thank you,

    Zach Roberts
    Project Manager
    I get this little gem as a reply.


    Your email has been blocked from entering our support system.
    Your email address has been blocked from future tickets entering
    our support system.

    If you feel this is in error, you may call us at 1-877-BURSTNET or
    570-343-2200 having your email address available to supply to us so
    we can better assist you.

    Email Address: [email protected]
    Email Subject: Email Blocked, Marked as Spam

    Please do not reply to this email. We will not see it as you are

    Ticket System Daemon
    BurstNET Technologies, Inc.
    So I try to call them at 1-877-BURSTNET and let it ring at the support department 31 times before giving up. I figured they may be able to unblock my email address and correct their antispam system.

    I'm going to call them during the day and see if I can get ahold of someone capable of getting this straight. So far I'm losing most of the confidence I had left in Nocster over these issues.

    What do you guys/gals think?
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    Still sounds like the same BurstNET to me. They can improve their network all they want, but what they really need is better personnel.
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    They will reverse the charge immediately for you. They may have forgotten to note the cancellation in the correct billing account. Log into the helpdesk directly at and you'll bypass their spam blocking/filtering system. I wouldn't call this a problem again, since the last issue was caused by your non-payment.

    - Matt
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    My true thoughts on nocster are not
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    I wonder why I never have this kind of problems with nocster or how they solved very fast when I had problems. In example one times sumhow my auto-payment didnt work, so I did get a service cut and re-activation fee email. I called nocster at 2:45 am, I reached the support technician very easily and explained him and my server was backup online few minutes after my call ended. The day after I send email about this issue, they fixed the problem and removed the re-activation fee. Thats the only paymnet problem I had in 11 months and they handled very proffesionaly and solved in short time. I did have worst problem with other companies which people "suggest" over nocster. People who have few dedicated servers and doin sum hosting business think that they are "sumthing" and they know everysh1t very well.
    Sitting on ur a$$ and criticise everyone and everything is so easy I really wonder how those people do if they would work in some data center. Taking care of thousands of servers, cables, devices or answering emails, phones, instant messngers, trying to understand wtf your customer talkin about, what kind of problem they have. Since I been at few data centers I personally wouldnt like to work under that stress because I would kill few customers. Only think everyone was agreed and complaining about Nocster was previous netwrok issues which totaly fixed and improved now. I am sure most of the non-network releated complaints posted by other competitors or people who asked "unacceptable favors" to nocster and refused.

    Like this "LifelessHost" guy. At his previous post, he starts blaming nocster and confusing alot of potential customers. After a while he figure outs it his mistake and apology and accept that Nocster had nothing to do with the problem. Once again before tryin to reach them you coming directly and starting another thread about Nocster. I dont understand whats wrong with you people. Either you not "bright" enough or you after sumthing else with those posts. Have problem? email blocked? Helloooo . User another email, call other number listed on nocsteer website, send fax, submit ticket, post on support forum ..... try to reach them and see they solving your issue or not than come and post a public forum that they suck or they rock!!!

    Well you asked what we think thats what I think!
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    Closed by request of the thread starter.
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