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    DNS Error


    I have a Windows XP (6 month old) laptop that is pretty much for internet surfing only. It has a firewall and all those goodies But this week I started getting DNS error messages in Internet Explorer 6.0 as well as Netscape 7.1

    I can connect to the internet via dial up; cable and DSL but I can't get any where as I keep getting this 'the page can not be displayed' dns error page....

    I have done an IPConfig all and renew command; I've turned off the modem and computer for some time and STILL get this message

    All advice is GREATLY apprecaited


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    Right click on your My Network Places icon in your start menu. Choose properties. Then right click on your internet connection and choose properties again.

    Choose TCP/IP, then click Properties.
    Is obtain DNS server address automatically checked or not?

    Usually this needs to be checked, but you may need to put IP addresses in for your ISP. If there are numbers there, try choosing automatic instead.

    Also, try going to a site by using the IP address and see if that works.

    For instance: will bring you to a Yahoo page. You can do that just to check connectivity.

    It is most likely that the Obtain IP address automaticall box not being checked is the problem though.

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