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    windows 2k3, plesk server admin/expert needed

    Hi All.

    I am a very new n00bie (means I know not much). Anyway, I just got a dedicated server from SM and I don't know how to get it running up (did some mods but maybe it screws up my server).

    Job Description (will try to be as clear as possible with this):
    I need someone to help me set up the plesk cp (comes with the server already), so that it will work well with 1 of my domain (for now..I got a 10 domain plesk license). This will include doing some configs with IIS. I also needs this person to set up PHP, CGI, MySQL and all those services that actually came with plesk (I think they are: webalizer, bind, webmail, mailenable, stunnel).. Basically I need all these to be well integrated to the control panel so I can easily admin/do stuffs on the server without future employment of external admins/expert (of course I will learn stuffs thru this fantastic forum and its members also).

    Job Pay:
    I am willing to pay up to $50 for this job. negotiable, but I need references and also any example of your work. I am a newbie in this, but I also want to know that I am paying for what's worth.

    Thank you.

    Best regards

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    I can help you with that I sent you a PM

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    AexiManagement can take care of that.

    Please feel free to pm us with more information

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