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    How can I convert a GIF file to a 300 dpi PDF file?


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    Which application are you using? (Photoshop? Gimp?)

    For the GIMP, all you have to do is open the file, right-click on it and select "Save as". Then under "Save as Type:" select "By Extension", from the drop down menu and type in youfilename.psd as the filename.

    The GIMP is a free image manipulation tool available at:

    I hope this is somewhat helpful.
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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Thanks, I'll try that.
    I'm using photoshop, so will try to save as.

    Thanks again

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    Image > Mode > RGB Color


    Image > Image Size - Change the resolution to 300 dpi.

    Save your image and you should, you wil have a 300 dpi & .psd image.

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    * thanks again

    It works really well!!
    Thanks again.

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