Hello, I am from Ne0-Net and I come here to offer you an outstanding deal! The following is a listing of our Shared Hosting Packages. Please note that we can customize a plan just to suit your needs and generate a price that you would not believe, added with outstanding service and tech support!

Beginner Plan
250MB of Web Space
10GB of Bandwidth
E-Mail Accounts: 20
AutoResponders: 5
Mailing Lists: 5
E-Mail Forwarding: 5
MySQL Databases: 15
FTP Accounts: 10
Domain Names: 2
Price/month: $3.75

Advanced Plan
500MB of Web Space
20GB of Bandwidth
E-Mail Accounts: 40
AutoResponders: 10
Mailing Lists: 10
E-Mail Forwarding: 10
MySQL Databases: 30
FTP Accounts: 20
Domain Names: 4
Price/month: $7.95

Professional Plan
750MB of Web Space
30GB of Bandwidth
E-Mail Accounts: 60
AutoResponders: 15
Mailing Lists: 15
E-Mail Forwarding: 15
MySQL Databases: 45
FTP Accounts: 30
Domain Names: 8
Price/month: $9.85

Premium Plan
1GB of Web Space
40GB of Bandwidth
E-Mail Accounts: 80
AutoResponders: 20
Mailing Lists: 20
E-Mail Forwarding: 20
MySQL Databases: 60
FTP Accounts: 40
Domain Names: 16
Price/month: $10.99

When we receive payment via paypal, we will activate your account. Since we do not have a registration form yet, please e-mail me or talk to me live, anyway you feel comfortable. A username you wish to have, a password of your choice, and an e-mail address where we may send you confirmation of you account activation are required.

Please feel free to visit the site at anytime and let us know if we have forgotten to put anything here that you need to know. On behalf of Ne0-Net, I wish you all a good day/evening/night.