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    Looking for PHP Programmer

    I"m looking for a php programmer that would like to help me move my Free Forum Hosting "business" ahead of the rest. I have many features that I'm looking to implement and I would rather not disclose them here until they are completed. If you are interested, we can work out a deal on to what you will recieve as payment. (advertising on a network of my sites, and some other stuff)

    As of right now I will not pay in monetary form.

    If you are interested and you are quite profecient with PHP/MySQL, Please email me at [email protected]

    If your looking for a Job, I shouldn't have to email you about it. So please do not post Email me at [email protected]

    Joseph Blossom

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    not posting my email but I'm interested and I have emailed you

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    sorry not interested right now... but good luck with your progress. got to have respect for all entrepreneurs. :-)

    if you have any coding problems/issues i will be happy to help.


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