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    What's wrong with my server ??

    if i type in then it works
    but if i type in just then the page can not be displayed. does anyone know what's wrong w/ my server? is it the server's fault or DNS ?

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    It can be either. Both hostnames need to have DNS A records pointing to the web server's IP address, and the server needs to be configured to accept them.

    If what you're getting is a DNS error, then you're probably missing the A record for If you get anything else it's probably the latter.

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    Check the zonefile for the domain in question. Or you may wish to head over to and check to see if the www is pointing to the same A record.
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    If you check the DNS zonefile and there is

    an A entry for the Domain name
    a CNAME entry for www

    then the problem is in the Apache httpd.conf file.

    There should be an entry similar to:


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    You should have 2 aliases in you DNS configuration:
    1st ""
    2nd ""

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