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    Remotely Start/Stop Windows Service


    I'm trying to figure out how to remotely start/stop a windows service.

    What i am looking for is I setup a url for the server on a specific port, the user can then gain access to the service via the URL and if the user logs in with the correct username and password the service i want him to be able to control shows up in a I guess would be java applet and form there the user can stop and start the service.

    I know it exists but for the life of me can't figure out how to set it up

    the server os is Windows 2003 standard


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    This to accomplish in two ways

    1.Install remote desktop utilities like remote desktop in windows 2003/XP, Terminal Service in a Windows 2000.
    After you can access that computer to do what you need.
    To restart remote systemís service, Go to computer management ->select computer icon->Connect to another Computer->

    Type user name as administrator and password. Here no need of administrator any user name with administrative privilege.
    Go to services and Application->services->right click needed service Start/stop/restart.

    Hope this may resolve the problem.


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    thank...yep that is one way and i can do it that way

    but i know there is a way to set it up so you can have so somone can login via a web interface and only have access to specific services , based on their login ...this is what im trying to accomplish

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    The Controlpanel I use Hosting Controller has the admin function to reboot or to start stop the services online through web interface. Maybe u can try this out.

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    Dear Nihil,

    You can check out the following links

    for further details.
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