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    Prices for php scripts?

    My organization, or company has been doing random projects for client suggested prices for a while now. I was just wondering how much people think is average for custom made scripts.

    For example...
    25 cents per line?
    25 cents per 5 lines?

    I wasnt really sure so I'm asking what you people think is fair.

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    i hope so it is done on basis of a hour.

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    It all depends on the quality and style of coding if you're going with that pricing model. Try charging by the hour.
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    This can depend. Usually, prices are determined by the hour. But, if you sign a longer term contract with a client, then a fixed price or fixed price plus cost might work better. Hourly wages range from $20 to $100+, while longer term contract prices range from $100's to $1000's to $10000's, depending on the complexity of the project.
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    as said, it depends on the quality and style of coding, but to give you an idea, I charge 26 per hour (about $50) and an example of my work can be found here..

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    PHP is a commonly used Programming language which many people can use. However, there are many people who code very badly and can caused the script to take a lot longer to load. You need to be careful how much you charge for your scripts. If your coding is very efficient and produces good quality results you will be able to charge more than a standard coder.

    I personally charge per project as I have found this works best for both me and my clients. However, you can sometimes get things wrong, and over charge or undercharge due to problems that happen out of your contol.

    You need to account for all possible situations in your quotes, such as a 3rd party changing their systems.

    Hope this helps.

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