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    No Sales Receipts Today From 2Checkout?

    Anyone else having a problem with 2CO today with receiving sales receipts for orders placed?

    I have not received any sales receipts for orders placed today. I only found out about one order when I received an "Order has passed fraud review" email. Otherwise, I got not no notification whatsoever

    The orders do show up in my 2CO control panel, just no "order placed" receipts...

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    Just to update my post(can't edit the original): I'm actually getting the receipts, but just VERY late. It's taking around 5 hours from the time the order is placed until I receive the receipt.

    Anyone else getting delayed receipts today?

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    Yes. It's a website issue they're working on.
    We've had a number of issues with 2co but they seem to be working on them.

    It's the release of the new site and sellers area.

    No biggie from what we hear..just a matter of time.

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