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    Web Design Needed: Non-Profit

    I am not sure if anyone would be interested. I am a board member of an organization that provides free day-care to severly handicap children. The children we have are ones that the parents can't afford to put in a normal day-care and if they stayed home to take care of the kids they would have to quit their job therefore going on welfare. Unfortunantly the Gov't doesn't fund projects like this so we of course we have a low budget for expenditures on technology etc. We are basically looking for someone to create a complete design and let me fill in the content. I.E. incorporate pics of kids etc. and I will do all of the time consuming stuff once its in HTML. The current site is horrible @ If this is a project you would like to take-on (all contributions are tax deductible) we would be happy to work with you. Just email me at jclark AT . I privately own so we have the hosting taken care of, we just need the design. Not looking for anything extremely fancy, just better than the stuff currently up.
    James R. Clark II

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    do you have AIM? so we can talk about this? I might be interested

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    I am interested, I sent you an email. You can contact me via AIM or MSN as well.


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    I am very much interested in your website design project I will offer you good price and quality artwork. I am experienced and know how to handle this job very well… I have also worked on some charity websites like official website of Gaddafi Charity (President of Libya)

    AIM: mzakirpatel
    Yahoo Messenger: mzrp


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    new delhi (india)
    hi Jic,

    i am willing to design this site for FREE, here is my portfolio . you can contact me through

    AOL : marsian321
    yahoo : marsian_mcs
    msn : marsian_mcs

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