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    Attention Eryxma clients who were billed for 2005

    I was an Eryxma client for a long time. My billing cycle ended on 18 April 2004 and I was billed for April 2004-April 2005 just before the company Eryxma Networks was abandoned.

    I have collected enough information to commence a Federal investigation and will pursue this case against the operators of Eryxma Networks. I have begun the process with the Federal Bureau of Investigation at

    Information needed for the investigation includes information on witnesses and information on other victims.

    I have written in my report that there were other clients of Eryxma hosting and there has been an indication that others were also charged for services which will never be rendered.

    This week I will contact the Montgomery and Harris County Police in Texas and then file my report with the FBI.

    If you are interested in having your name and contact information included in my report please email me. My report will be submitted to the Local and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and you may be contact during the investigation.

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    Just make sure you get together enough people. I once tried to use the internet fraud fbi thing and as long as it not goes over a certain amount of money defrauded they will most likely not do much. I can not recall how much but I think it was something arround $3k+...

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    I hope that you will include also customers billed in advance for next few months. i was billed until 07-06-2004.

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    I was billed in March 2004 for a year

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    I'm in the same situation.

    Please keep me informed.

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    report submitted to FBI and confirmed.

    I've submitted the report on the FBI website and received confirmation.

    I don't know if it is worth their time but if at0m is right about the amount of $3000 prompting action then it will take only 40 clients billed annually at $75.

    I read one thread boasting a highly improbable 18,000 clients refutted to a more possible number of 2000.

    I am hoping that their electronic trail will encourage Law Enforcement to investigate.

    btw: My motivation is purely ethical. I am not in favor of being robbed. I have learned several lessons from my business with Eryxma and I am doing my part to protect countless other people in the future.

    Paypal can't get my money back. (case closed) I don't expect it returned.

    It's never to late to realise you have done something immoral and learn from it, grow up and become an honest person. There is much more satisfaction in earning an honest living. (For one you may sleep better not having to worry that you will upset someone you robbed and the FBI just might knock on your door any day now!)

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    *just* as in when? like this week?

    How do you know you were billed? Did you get an invoice/email, or because it mysteriously appeared on your CC statement?

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    *Just* as in yesterday - Tuesday - dated 05/04/04 - it wasn't there on Monday and there it is on Tuesday.

    and like I said, it's under a different billing name ([email protected]) then I've always gotten billed under. Plus those numbers at the end are phone numbers, I'm pretty sure, though I've never called them.

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    If it goes into that kind of sums I am sure the FBI will be interrested in it. Just make sure you can get enough people together. I am sure there are tonz of unknowing customers who get billed a couple times and probably dont even know.

    Is there a way to find out what customers where on those servers and mail them directly?

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    oh yeah, I meant to say that I found out by looking at my online statement, it wasn't there on monday, and appeared yesterday.

    I didn't get an invoice or billing information, by e-mail or otherwise.

    Already faxed the VISA dispute form and canceled the card...

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    I was billed in March 2004 for six months
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    What type of accounts were you folks?

    I was a VPS customer.

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    I was a whm/cpanel reseller.

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    reseller WHM

    I was looking at the eryxma site with's "waybackmachine",
    which i am hoping the FBI has a much better copy of.
    I presume they would?

    If you want to bring back bad memories or if you haven't seen the resource, check it out.

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