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    Experienced Unix System Admin looking for work

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for something full time, rate is negotiable, willing to do support as well as administration tasks. Preferred hours 9AM-7PM EST M-F, but this is also negotiable.

    I have over 10 years experience with unix administration (Linux, BSD 4 & Derivatives, Solaris, and Irix to name a few) daily tasks included but not limited to:

    - apache (with frontpage, php, ssl and more), sendmail, postfix, named, qmail, exim, plesk, cpanel, h-sphere, proftpd, pureftpd, samba, majordomo, mailman, mysql, postgresql, innd, procmail, ipfilter, ipfwadm, ipfw, ipchains, iptables and many others.

    I can program and troubleshoot:

    - bourne shell, tcl/tk, html, perl, and python.

    References available upon request.

    thank you,
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    - kevin

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    Please email me at dave [at] with your resume, references, and the compensation rate you are looking for.

    Also, where are you located?
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    I have sent you a PM. Thanks.

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    Resumes sent, thank you to all who have replied and sent pm's, please don't judge my resume too harshly
    - kevin

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