is a rapid hi-quality growing Smooth Jazz radio station (2 ranking on: ) that actually streams with a bitrate of 128k -300 listeners max.... often we have all our servers busy (we are starting to experience some little bufferings in peak time) so any bandwidht sponsorships are welcome.

In the next weeks we will have a new real great looking site too;

The best offer (number of slots/bandwidth quality) will get the name mentioned in rotation on jingles that we will provide at zero-cost by a pro jingles-studio (listen to the station sweepers-jingles to test the quality); we will force a string with your company name (on your server) that will be sent to the listeners even when the source changes the title; we can put your banner/button on our pages too.

Our typical listener is high targeted:
age: 23/50
Listeners location: USA:55% - Europe 20% -Canada 10% - Rest of the world 15%

Pls contact:
[email protected]