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    JaguarPC.. any good?

    Anybody here tried them/use them? Are they good? Whats their downtime and customer support like?


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    This should help:

    Good Luck!

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    I like them so far, signed up with them a month ago. Good speed, good plan. Only support ticket (point .net to my .com) taken care of in 20 minutes on a Sunday. Their guys are on this forum and they have their own forum which is nice.

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    How long does their setup take bobobro?

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    Originally posted by its_just_me
    How long does their setup take bobobro?
    It was instant. Email with account info sent immediatly and I was uploading right away.

    I believe this "auto-setup" is only available if you pay with credit card though. I have read a couiple posts where people had delayed response from Jaq when they were using PayPal, so pay with credit card if you can.

    Oh, also no down time yet but I have only been there 1 month.
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    Alright. Thanks for the info.

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    I've been with jaguarpc for over a year now and am really pleased with them. Support is great and usually fast and they dont make you feel like an idiot if it's something simple. There's some downtime but only a few minutes at a time, to be honest I rarely notice any and I'm online alot.

    Thumbs up from me, they are really doing a good job.

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    JaguarPC rock. Their support is top-notch and their service is great. The recently boosted their service offerings, but I actually preferred the old "v200" plan, which gave you a dedicated IP.

    Oh well.

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    I had an account with Palmversa that JaguarPC took over. Curiously, the same thing happened with In both cases, JaguarPC served my needs amply until I discontinued both the domains that they hosted.

    Fine outfit. I recommend them. They have their share of mistakes, but I've never felt mistreated in any way, and eventually all my concerns were always resolved to my satisfaction.

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    I have seen good support reviews about them in WHT.....

    Let us know how it turns out.....

    Good Luck

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