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    Malicious spoofing of spam sources?

    Maybe I'm out in right field somewhere, but I get waves of bounced emails that say they are coming from me (any of several domains as well has my home server domain) yet pretty darn sure they did not come from my server.

    So one of two things:

    (1) They ARE coming from my server and neither I nor my server host techs can detect it, or

    (2) Someone is maliciously doing this, either targeting my server specifically or it is just the way the spammers and virus programs work.

    If (1) is true, how can I detect and stop this?

    Otherwise, I know of a couple of people who would do this maliciously if they could, so if this is the case, is there anyway (or any for hire supertech) to catch them?

    I have gotten my IPs and domans blocked by a couple of ISPs, which is affecting the customers hosting with me. Contacting these people (the ISPs) about the problem is pretty much a futile exercise.

    Sure would appreciate some feedback about this problem.


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    If your IPs are blocked, it is likely that the spam is actually coming from your server. Look through the bounces to see if any of them include the Received headers from the original message, and then paste those headers here.

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    Off hand is sound like a "Joe Job" this is where spammers spoof your address in their emails to make it look like it is coming from your account. When the spam encounters a problem (usually no account) it bounces to you!

    When this has happened to me I figure out which affiliate program (if any) they are using and email there abuse dept (most don't allow spam to get leads).

    At least they won't make money off my email address

    otherwise I just wait until they switch to another poor sap's email address.

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