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    Question About Invision Board & vBulletin

    I am currently in the starting stages of a forum. At the moment I have Invision Board and I'm wondering if it's possible to switch a member database & posts over to vBulletin.

    The forum will most likely have around 500-1000 members in 2 months time, and need to know if this is possible and how. So by the time I can purchase a license for vBulletin I want to be able to switch it all over.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    I think vBulletin has tutorials for doing this, but I am not positive. Go to, try e-mailing support

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    There is a converter available, I think.

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    yes, u cab switch over to VB, go to their support forums.

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    Yep. When you purchase it, you can download the importer in the vBulletin member area.

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