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    Please review I would like input on the entire site as a whole, including the plans, prices, the language used, and anything else you want to comment on. It will be launching tomorrow

    Also please tell me which of the two banner ads you prefer: or - which one gets chosen will be advertised on WHT very shortly

    Thanks for your time
    John Heslop

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    The site does not display correctly on Mac OS X 10.3.3 under the latest versions of Safari (1.2.1) or Firefox (0.8.0).

    The little server images that should be in the bottom right corner of each plan's box are instead being displayed in the TOP right corner, overwriting the menus for the plans.

    The site works fine in Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac.

    As for the banners, I like the second one better.

    Display issues aside, a very nice site.



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    I think the site looks unqiue and flows nicely!

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    Defiantly a unique design. Prices seem reasonable. Also get up the Customer support page as soon as possible or install a temporary one. Construction type pages will draw visitors away. I don't honestly like the brown color you used for the theme, But other the site gets an A+. Keep up the good work and good luck with your hosting company.
    Chris Tauscher

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    Thank's for the warm comments. As for the compatability issue, I'll try to rectify that problem asap, just so i know, does it look like this: (this is from netscape)?

    As for the other comments. Also I would like to thank karl472001 from that did the design & banners
    John Heslop

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    "As for the compatability issue, I'll try to rectify that problem asap, just so i know, does it look like this"

    That's it exactly. Once again, I really like the site!

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    Thanks, I've been trying hard to fix it, but what ever i do it just screws it up , I'll get another designer to look at it later and see what he can do with it, once again thanks
    John Heslop

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    I use Opera, and it displays perfectly. Love the layout, and color scheme... Very unique.


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    I kinda like the color scheme. Brown certainly isn't one of my favorite colors, but the colors look good together. I checked the site in IE6 and Opera 7. In Opera, the front page looks great but the css is a bit out of alignment in the header and footer on the hosting plan pages. Overall, I think the design looks very professional.

    However, the content isn't well written and needs more editing. In places the grammar is very poor and that makes the site look less professional.

    Just one example:

    We simply have a setup fee so that we can allocate your space to your account and keep it like that, we also have the setup fee to prove your seriousness in hosting with us, if your willing to pay us the setup fee to allocate the space and setup your account, than you must be willing to pay for the bandwidth at the end of each month.
    - this paragraph is one long wordy run-on sentence
    - you used "your" when you should have used "you're"
    - you used "than" when you should have used "then"

    Other than that, good job!

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    Well oragnised. Easy to get to links. Nice Colors, only one suggestion - maybe you should make the text a little big bigger

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