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    * why do they still offer 10 mbps uplink?

    even motherboard for PC built in comes with 100!
    10mbps is obsolete

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    It is a bandwidth issue. Most web host provides a fixed amount of free bandwidth and by limiting it to 10mbps would be there for your protection so you do not suddenly find yourself paying for too excessive a bandwidth usage bill.

    Think of it as a hardware bandwidth throttling. 10mbps has the potential to stream something like 3,250gb of data a bandwidth and 100mbps allows 32,500gb per month. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Also, if you need more than 10 mb/s why are you colocating? get your own rack and get a commit rate with a probably better price. Plus you'd be in total control. At which case you can start offering colocation services as well if you are competant enough and plan on devoting the time to doing it right.

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    So that you could not burst to 100mbit for few hours which might harm the stability of the network. Some sites tend to push tons of bandwidth for any new release and none after the peak.

    So that's probably one of the main reasons.

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    How about this.

    You have a standard 48 Port Switch with 10/100 Mbs port speeds. This switch will have 1x 100mbs uplink or maybe 1x 1000mbs uplink. Some people will bond uplinks to provide even more uplinks but you still will hit a bottle neck.

    Now if you take that switch with lets say 1000Mbs uplink and then put 48 Servers on it with each of them having 100mbs uplink speed ( you have now allocated upto 4.8GBps of bw for the switch backplane ). Now lets say a nice worm comes out and nails a few of those servers (10) the worm / DoS will then completely saturate the uplink and take down every server on that switch. The DoS could be coming from inbound or worse yet outbound and will saturate the switch when your running full 100Mbs port speeds and have no sort of firewalls or traffic shaping devices infront of it.

    Just think of what happened to many datacenters about a month ago when the ZoneAlarm worm/DoS was hitting everything and took down complete networks because of this.

    Now if you had the same switch setup with a 1000mbs uplink and each port set to 10mbs then you only need to worry about 480mbs of traffic MAX and the uplink can easily sustain that without getting saturated and affecting the others around you.

    You can also then allow a few trusted servers to keep a 100mbs uplink speed and still have overhead.

    Sure you could also get 5x 1000mbs uplinks for a 48port switch but that is very expensive and quite wasteful if 75% of the people will never use more then 6mbs of bandwidth

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    If I had my way, I'd limit every single server on my network to 5 mbits so there's no way for them to burst beyond that. Of course it'd make backing up data a pain

    And if you think about it, a 100mbit uplink with 5 servers is "2 mbits per server" (yeah I know don't explain it) yet our bandwidth rarely bursts over 28mbit for any length of time and 95% is 16-18mbits.
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    let me put it this way, if you get hacked due to insecurity which alot of people do, and a dos attack is lauched which is common, and you are on a 100mbit port, you can stay bye to your bandwidth limit, and possible of having your server disconnected
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    Unless the hosting company is charging $500/mo or more, they are overselling. They are betting that most customers won't use that much bandwidth. Stay away from such offers if you have a serious business to run.

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