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    Dedicated server for template creation

    Here's the deal. I have a dedicated server and am looking for template creation or other services in turn for the dedicated server space. This offer will only be good for this month. Please IM me for further details or specifications regarding the server. Thank you. Only serious inquiries please.

    AIM = kodosoul

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    More info would be good, how long is server for? Specs of Server (CPU / ram / bwidth / cpanel?)

    Description of the design you require?

    I don't have AIM sorry

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    2.4 GHz Celeron
    512 MB of RAM
    1000 GB bandwidth
    Cpanel Included

    This offer is only good for this month and only through this month.

    PM me for template creation details if interested. Thanks

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    Just for clarification:

    As in the server would be the designers for one month only?
    Read the posts people, no more blanket answers.

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    The offer is only good for this month.

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