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    Hurricane Electric Power Outage

    At approximately 3:15PM (CST) 05/03/2004 our Hurricane Electric facilities suffered a power outage. This cause all servers to loose power and our onsite engineers are working rack to rack to bring them up.

    We do expect to have all servers back online within about an hour. Our onsite engineers are working to carefully bring each machine up one at a time to avoid any further problems.

    Further information regarding this will be posted on our forums as more details are available:

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    So what are the battery cells, UPS systems and diesel back-up power generetors doing? And how does this affect the 100% uptime SLA?

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    Slight correction: At approximately 3:15PM (PDT) 05/03/2004

    All Servers for Potent Products are back up and I guess this explains why the Servers were rebooted.

    I have to wonder though, what happened to the backup Diesel Generators? Should they not have kicked in?

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    We too have these questions as 1200+ servers lost power. We will definately be finding out answers to this and will keep you posted via e-mail.

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    We'll be expanding on the issue on our forums as well- as often as we can and as any and all details become available to us.

    Needless to say we'll be engaged in a thorough conversation with our collocation facility once we're done restoring every entity on this network segment. But that goes without saying.

    Our apologies for this!
    And thank you for your patience, if you can spare it.

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