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    need to make very very simple 2-3 step order form...

    I am setting up a donation page and I want to make a simple checkout which is 3 steps: 1. customer name & address... 2. Credit Card information... 3. Order summary with final submit button.

    I have no PHP or CGI programming experience... but i am a really quick learner.

    I was wondering if someone could show me some sample code or provide me with some code which will allow me to collect the information in 3 steps and submit all of the information to a third-party site from the confirmation page.

    I am currently working with Yourpay Connect... so I would need to send all the information to them.

    how can i make this 3 step form having it gather all the collected data for submission on the last page?

    thanks in advanced for your help!

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    Have you tried contacting YourPay? They may even have something like this for existing merchants already available., a Digitally Justified Company
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    they have a system that I can use on their site...which is a multi-step order form... but it is one of the most horrible looking things i have ever seen.

    this is why i want to create my own really simple order form that looks professional and that looks relevant to my website...

    thanx for the idea though

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    I know that on LinkPoint's website they give you sample code. Not too sure about YourPay. (They are trying to conevrt that over to LinkPoint @ some time soon hopefully.)

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