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    "Cannot convert from vanilla unix to shadow password"...

    This errors is on a RaQ4

    I've got a problem saying "Cannot convert from vanilla unix to shadow password"...
    And what I understand there is diffrences between the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file ... Is this correct??

    I read that you should run pwck to fix this problem but when I do I get this error message: "cannot lock file /etc/passwd"

    What can I do to fix this??

    I can't change any passwords and I can't add any users .....

    Anyone knows how to fix this?


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    errors in the syncing up of the password and shadow files, often due to a duplicate entry.

    As root,

    cd to /etc/locks
    (The only thing that should be there is "monitor"... )

    remove any other lock files & try again.

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