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    High Memory Usage

    As of recently, my server has been going down more and more lately... sometimes multiple times in a day. I've been watching top and it appears that more and more memory is now being used.

    CPU states: 1.9% user 1.3% system 0.0% nice 0.0% iowait 96.6% idle
    Mem: 1000988k av, 629256k used, 371732k free, 0k shrd, 17428k buff
    81008k active, 512652k inactive
    Swap: 2024180k av, 0k used, 2024180k free 438144k cached

    Any idea why this could be happening? I only have a small Forum on my server and a medium sized site.

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    You're not using any swap, so available memory shouldn't be a problem. Could be a bad stick, try running a memtest. Did you check any logs?
    Are you a webhost?
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    Whats the server configuration and kernel version?
    I had a problem with xeon solved changing kernel version.

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    Processor Info

    Processor #1 Vendor: GenuineIntel
    Processor #1 Name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz
    Processor #1 speed: 2405.471 MHz
    Processor #1 cache size: 512 KB

    Memory Information
    Memory: 1000692k/1015744k available (1768k kernel code, 14668k reserved, 420k data, 296k init, 98240k highmem)

    System Information
    Linux 2.4.26 #2 Tue Apr 27 10:34:05 CDT 2004 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

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