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    How To Contact Your Dedicated Server Provider.

    I see alot of posts here complaining about crappy support received from various Dedicated Server companies. One thing that has come to my attention durring my own experiences on the provider side is what seems to be a total lack of cooperation from certain customers. Here are a few things to keep in mind when contacting your provider:

    1. Make sure you tell them who you are. Keep in mind that most companies, even though we'd love to, don't know you by name. They track you by IP address, Customer number, e-mail or a number of other ways. Be sure to include every piece of identifying information you have to help them better track your machines down.

    I got a page this morning that said: GET MY F***ING MACHINE ONLINE NOW!!! (Without the *'s) No IP, No Name, No Customer number and the e-mail wasn't even one that was listed on the account.

    2. Be patient. Opening a ticket and waiting an hour is okay. I have a customer who will open a ticket and then send me two additional e-mails and a page in the few minutes it takes me to respond.

    3. Be cooperative. If the provider requests additional information, please remember they are doing it to help you. I don't just go around and ask for random information because I like to. In the above example it was determined that the customer was having issues with some web sites on thier server. When asked which sites the response was, " Not got enough time to find out which ones are working and which one's aren't." The same customer also took 14 hours to reply to an IM requesting his root password.

    4. Include supporting doccumentation. Always include AT LEAST a trace route. Pings don't say anything. If there are errors, cut and paste the errors into your e-mail. The more info your provider has up front the faster they can resolve your problems.

    The bottom line here is, look at your provider as your partner and not your enemy. We don't like downtime any more then you do. Any amount of money you're losing because of it, we're probably losing more so make sure you communicate clearly and give your provider the tools they need to help you out.

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    Nice post, maybe it should be copied into the webhosting/dedicated forums so more people read it

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    Nice post.

    I wish all of my customers worked that way. What a perfect world it would be.

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    Good Post, it also applies to shared hosting and various types of hosting as well
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    What u encountered is very common for web hosting support like us. I dun know why it seems that Internet makes ppl far more aggressive , it seems that they feel they are protected by the great Virtual world. But when u give them a call on the phone, they sounds gentle and meek most of the time.

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    Good thread. Moved it but left a redirect in running a webhosting biz.
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    Great post, sounds good for just hosting too!

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