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    hostitcheap problem

    I'm having a problem with my provider, hostitcheap
    The service is extremely bad/non-existent so I have cancelled my account.

    I have a new provider and I email hostitcheap at every email address possible to change my DNS to point to the new server. I get no reply

    I have also gone through WHOIS and contacted the place who has registration of my name, (they are apart of the same company) and they say hostitcheap change it.

    I am pulling my hair out, cause hostitcheap have no phone, dont answer emails. what can I do?

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    Well if you registered your domain through your hosting provider you are up to there mercy. However if your domain is registered with your name and information when you do a whois, you can contact the domain registrar and get it done yourself. If it has your host information host is it for help. So for your sakes I hope you get it resolved.

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    That's why they're cheap. We all are looking for a bargain, but what happens if you need tech support and there is no contact info. What do you do if the server goes down?

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    mmm... learnt my lesson there. but the thing is on their site they rave about excellent 24/7 service... its all a lie.

    I've spoken to the registrar (via WHOIS) over the phone (who are incidentally part of the mother company tied into hostitcheap ( and they want nothing to do with me and tell me to contact hostitcheap. It says I am the administrator of my domain name... but i guess that is not enough.

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    Owner vs. Admin contact

    Yes. As a general note to anyone reading this thread, you need to ensure at the beginning of any engagement with a hosting provider that if they are willing to register the domain for you, that they list you as the registrant once it is acquired.... not just the administrative contact.

    For most changes relating to the domain, they are functionally equivalent; however, when a separation occurs this is the area where the most problems come out in attempting to get your domains migrated somewhere more manageable for yourself and/or another hosting provider.
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    So I'm guessing the only way I can find a solution to this is either... wait (forever?) for my dns to change...register a new name... or pray to god that the hosting provider has a sudden spontaneous combustion and implodes (and still register a new name)

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    do you think if I just spam them with lots of emails to change it... it wiil work?

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    Problem with that strategy, while it will be a bee in their bonnet, is that it never works. It just alienates and annoys them and will preclude you from conducting any meaningful business with them in the future. Been there.
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    the domain will run out in a year and they wont renew it for free, so grab it once available again

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    Open a ticket in their helpdesk...

    They usually answer my tickets very quickly... I am sure they will assist you..

    Changing the name servers of your domain is very easy.. As they give you a full interface to do this in... Via their domain management interface..

    I am very pleased with hostitcheap and their support is excellent, as long as you use their helpdesk, I am sure each person has their own experiances... Mine is a very good one, and I wouldn't leave them for anything! They are great.

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    CREAHOST, hostitcheap has the worst service I have ever had. You must be paying more than I did and getting the bonus plan. Unless you consider 3-5 day responses to helpdesk tickets without resolution or apology good service, then yeah, I guess they are great.

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    I usually get responses to my tickets within an hour or so.. always within the same day...

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    Originally posted by creahost
    I usually get responses to my tickets within an hour or so.. always within the same day...
    I find that so hard to believe... wait, I don't believe it. You run around these boards praising them and you are the *only* one. Something smells funny around here.

    I logged a ticket a couple of weeks ago for a canceled domain that they KEEP charging me for and it took 4 days for a response.

    Additionally, now they are having "trouble" with their merchant account and can't accept credit cards. I had to pay my last bill with paypal.

    Great company, go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here.

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    We currently use namecheap and it seems to work well.

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