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    Advertising Space!

    We are selling advertising space on our website.

    Started in October of 2002, and still growing!

    The current business advertising with us has expired, so we are looking for new prospects . It will be a 468 x 60 banner on top. Last month we recieved 900-2100 Unique hits per day, with over 2 million hits for the month.

    Our google ad's we have on the site right now are getting a geat CTR%!

    We are looking for $100/month. Just give me your e-mail and I can send you the proof of the stats.


    88x31 ad's can be placed under the menu to the left for $25/month


    Text Ad's can be placed also under the menu and the other ad's to the left for $10/month


    If anyone is intrested e-mail me a [email protected] or just reply here. Just give me your e-mail and I can send you the stats!

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    would you consider a affliate? i own a computer news and reviews site as well as a gaming section think it could work good both ways we have a PR of 6 also

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    Possibly, I am mostly looking for the money right now so if I dont get any offers. I might take you up on that.

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