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  • postfix

    17 39.53%
  • sendmail

    2 4.65%
  • qmail

    17 39.53%
  • exim

    7 16.28%
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    survey: postfix vs sendmail vs qmail vs exim

    what is your best overall mta, postfix, sendmail, qmail, exim, and why ?

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    I'm a qmail fan.

    Secure, easy to patch with add ons et all.

    Sendmail as a 2nd choice.

    Thank you.
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    Sendmail, it's the first one I ever tried & since it does what I need I haven't bothered trying any of the others

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    I would go with qmail as well, i wouldn't say the simplest of the bunch to setup, but does have alot of available addons and such to make administration easy.

    Specially if you want to host multiple domains and you can use vpopmail.

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    I vote qmail, I havent used it since I set it up for, but it was/is a mighty fine loosely coupled system.
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    Postfix blows everything out of the water.

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    I went with Postfix (but I personally run sendmail because I know it), Dan Bernstein's (qmail) attitude, at least a couple years ago, put me off and I have stayed away ever since. I don't know if that was the most logical decision, but I have have been happy with Sendmail and Postfix.

    I figured if IBM and Apple are going with Postfix it has some good backing.

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    I voted exim.

    bascially because I know how to setup and configure it. Its also a drop in replacement for sendmail, so that makes it an ease.

    I hear good things about qmail, I believe yahoo mail uses it. Untill I get to play with it and run it for awhile, Im not going to put it in production.

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    I forgot to ask: What are you trying to do? Start a flame war?

    will you next thread ask: which is better vim or emacs?
    (which the obviously correct answer is vim. )

    just kidding

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    qmail qmail qmail go qmail
    Secure and easy to manage for me
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    Postfix for me.

    I also like qmail a lot and have actually been considering switching to it. It's a pain to setup though (which is why I didn't install it to start with) and postfix does everything I need. The configurability and all the plugins and such of qmail is amazing though. - webhosting geared towards personal websites and small businesses.

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    I definately prefer qmail. I know alot of people are put off by DJB's attitude, but for all his personal problems the man is a great programer. Its stable, secure and easy to configure and manage, and because each part works independently, it is highly scaleable and very easy to add custom components, plugins if you will.

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    Originally posted by jezallen
    the man is a great programer.
    agreed. my problems with qmail never had anything to do with the quality of the program.

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    qmail, due to fact it is very secure.
    exim is a second choice

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    i use cpanel and it comes with exim by default

    has anyone already switched to qmail (i read their site and it seens to be a nice program)?

    will it still be compatible with cpanel (mail trace, queue, old messages)?

    [expected answer: no, change to plesk if you want qmail]


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    qmail for main mail servers
    postfix for mail gateways
    sendmail for honeypots
    exim.... who?!

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    Postfix, simple to setup, and easy to manage.

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    Never used Postfix but used th other 3 and qmail rocks the most of those.
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    Qmail all the way, been running it since 1998 on various servers I've setup. I have 3 ISPs running it and those mail servers are rock solid and have been that way since the day Qmail/Vpopmail went into production on them.

    On the hosting servers I've got the Cpanel/Exim nause to deal with, hate it but these days you have to provide a panel with hosting it seems. My old hosting servers were FTP access and Vpopmail/Qmailadmin for email services, I still keep my own domains plus a few clients on that type of setup.

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    I choose postfix

    The only problem that i had with it was properly compiling it for MySQL, Courier, etc. support.

    Besides a major lack of recent, readable documentation and horrible installation (that nearly all linux/unix systems have) It works great.

    I never have to touch the system except to update it. Even better all my users and modifications of configs are done via SQL commands. Using the MySQL CC you can be uber lazy and use a GUI to do that too.

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    Thank you for your poll. I choose postfix because.

    1. I need multiple virutal email domain. It support.
    2. I like none unix accounts email users. it supports.
    3. Mysql support build in Postfix.
    4. As easy as qmail for configuration, and easier to config than sendmail.
    5. build in bldns
    6. It takes me less than 30 minutes to configure smtp auth for permit relay as a postfix newbie. I have a hard time to configure smtp auth under sendmail, even though I used sendmail for year.
    7. postfix has better document than qmail from the source.

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