I am currently using PHP-Nuke for a play-by-post role-playing game. Despite having used the software for a few months now, I find that the software still operates in ways that I don't visualise making me feel alienated by the software from my own website. Although my co-web administrator seems to have gotten to grasp with the software and seems quite content with it... I imagine that my lack of real enthusiasm for the software certainly proves to me that PHP-Nuke just isn't right for me. I am neither an HTML expert, nor a PHP one (and this is also true of my support staff) - so ease of use is quite crucial.

I have been shopping around, and the more I look, the more I see possible candidates. E107 and Mambo seemed to come back as recurring first choices for a lot of people, does this make sense? Faced with so many different opinions and viewpoints on which software is the best... I wondered if I could get some help figuring out which one would best fit the needs of a play-by-post role-playing game. The role-playing game itself as a result of what it is means that the software needs to have a series of features. Hence, I suppose this all comes down to what is the best portal software for

1.) a community that is focused around a play-by-forum RPG?

I have compiled a series of features that I think are crucial

2.) a software that makes it easy to apply custom-made themes
3.) an easy to use administrative system that is easy to understand and dive into
4.) a software which comes built in with a very powerful forum software (thinking PHPBB2 as point of reference)
5.) a software which makes it easy to add varied content pages (from multiple users)

Anything else would be indeed quite useful. The aim is to make this website seem like you've reached a personalised access network of sorts where information is available once click away.

So based on these crucial criterias... which one comes out on top?

I would thank anyone with an opinion on the matter,

Thanks again!