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    * Terrible Experience with EV1server

    I ordered a server with cp from EV1server 3 hours ago.
    The price of the server i wouldl like to rent is $109+$1 setup fees.
    After i have made the orders, the total amount is $117.xx( i can't remeber) So i ask the live sales support staff about that, he said it is the Tax in Texas and all the people should pay for it. I am from Ausrtalia and i don't think i should pay for it. (ok, my fault, i haven't ask the sales staff about r there any hidden price)

    After that, i keep waiting for the confirm mail of my order, the sales staff said instant activation my server and i will receive my login details within 5 mins.

    After 20 mins, i still haven't received anything, then i chat the live support staff again for that, in the beginning , he said i would receive the email soon. But i keep waiting what is mean by soon and want him to check again. He said they haven't received my order and ask me to order it again. (ok, it is easy to order it again)

    At last i ask to confirm it again b4 i place my order again, suddenly, he said they have received my order and my server will setup within 30 mins. (ok, i am still happy with their service)

    After i receive my login details, i try to login to the server, but not success. It shows some error.
    I am new to Ev1server and don't know how do to(frighten).
    I talk with the support staff and he said my licence key of cp is not vaild and ask me to open a ticket. ( Do u think i am still happy?) After a few chat, he said EV1server forget to activate my licence key.

    Ok after i can login to the server, i try to setup all the stuff. ( i am a newbie to this CP). I can't create a domain and the cp keep showing errors. I talk the support staff again but he also doesn't know what happen. He help me to open a support ticket and ask me to wait. (Ok, wait again)

    After 15 mins, i receive their reply, what do u think they would told me.

    The answer is: plz view the help page for answer something like that.

    (at this moment, I am a newbie, what should i do)
    The first support staff also can't solve this problem and i am a newbie, if i can solve this problem, i will not call for help.
    It is so funny to ask me to view the help page.

    This is the end of my story (3 hours experience)

    Sorry for my english writing is not good and may be impolite.

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    I think the first problems can just happend...they ar ehumans aswell...and if cPanel does not work, well in 99% of the cases its you that doesn't know how to work with it

    I'm sure they are not THAT bad

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    I am good in Cpanel, Ensim, Directadmin, H-sphere but not Helm
    Sorry, from my post, Cp mean control panel but not cpanel


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    Thats why everyone says there un-managed this is what you get simple as that. Go for a fully managed server if you need that much assitance. Un-managed means just that basically no help unless they messed something up themselves.

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    you speak Spanish?

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    Originally posted by comers
    you speak Spanish?
    No, I am an Asian who live in Australia.

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    yeah, i agree wtih u. Next time, i will pay more to order a managed server.

    I feel depress and unhappy at this moment.

    Originally posted by nukehelpers
    Thats why everyone says there un-managed this is what you get simple as that. Go for a fully managed server if you need that much assitance. Un-managed means just that basically no help unless they messed something up themselves.

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    I wouldnt worry too much about it. I recently had a situation where I ordered a windows server. Here's how that went:

    Only 1 hard drive was installed
    *put in ticket
    *tech responded saying second hard drive was there
    I logged in via remote desktop. Still only 1 hard drive
    *put in another ticket

    IIS install was defunctional PLESK control panel couldnt work without IIS

    *round and round with support "again"

    Support offered a re-image "free"
    *reimage was done I logged in and uploaded website

    IIS keeps crashing
    *put in ticket
    *tech responds saying it was my html code. Tech told me to Restart IIS everytime it crashes. "it crashed every darned page view!"

    I upload the html to several other web server and provide support with a url where they can view it. It didn't crash any other servers running the same stuff.

    Support offered another re-image "free"
    Server comes back online everything works flawlessly
    But guess what
    I checked my bandwidth graph out of curriosity, and I noticed the traffic was pretty high, so I put in another ticket with a copy and paste of netstat -n. A support member said my machine was sending requests back to my server, but the IP that was sending info to my server was not an IP assigned to my machine. After hours of going round and round with this another tech said "oh we had another compromised machine on our network that was attempting to send something to your machine" At that point I demanded a refund and droped my servers with them.

    All of this within the first day and it took 3 days to get to the last part, where I decided it was not worth doing business for a cheeper fee. My stuff has to be dependable. They use to offer excellent linux dedicated servers though if you didnt mind having your IP addresses in spam lists. The last set of IP's I had were on windows machines and were clean and not in any spam lists, so maybe they are better with linux machines than they are windows.

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    With Helm, you cannot create an account without first setting up the services that would be used then after that resellers account then the plans then as a reseller you can set up accounts. I guess you might want to check out Helm's own forums or Ev1 forum on Helm for assistance. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Hello sir,

    We would like to help you if at all possible. I have just recently sent you an email to your contact email address with EV1Servers. If there is anything we can do to help, within the bounds of our support, please be sure to let me know.

    Thank you,

    Customer Care

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