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    ENOM - Easy ETP Growing (Does this include subresellers)

    Dear Webhostingtalkers,

    I've heard ENOM offers easy options to grow from a 8.95-ETP to a 6.95-ETP. You'll have to pay them $495,- upfront and when you have paid them $3.975,- you'll grow automaticly to the 7.95-ETP and you'll grow to the 6.95-ETP when you have totally paid them $6.950,-

    But does this include payments of subresellers? I'm sure I'll be registering just 250 domains per year at max. So this would cost me more than 3 years to grow to 6.95

    But if I have some subresellers with a 8.95-account (Which you should be able to make with an 8.95-ETP) and they will register in total 700 domains per year. Will there be added 8.95*700 (6265) to my total spent money? So, will this help me growing faster to a better ETP-domainpricing?

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    are you an ETP or sub-account ?

    and i think anyone with 50+ domains in your sub accounts would move directly to enom to benefit from support + CC processes or so

    but who knows try emailing enom sales they could help you more.
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    no it doesn't include sub a/c's it's when *you* have regsitered 500 domains or you opt to pay the difference $3480 (3975-495) they'll upgrade your pricing structure

    you just email sales, speak to the nice lady and part with the cash

    and you can't create 8.95 a/c's under and 8.95 a/c - i think the *lowest* pricing you can set for your sub a/cs is cost+95c+3% - about 10.15

    to create 8.95 a/c's and earn and noticable commission you need a 6.95 a/c to start with

    and Bashars right - most peopel when they get to a reasonable (nr 50 domain "years") trade up to being ETP themselves so you lose their business
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    yes othellotech is right. I had that experience where they told me I could have an 8.95 ETP instead of a 6.95 subaccount a while ago. Sounded awfully nice for them to offer a price raise for me
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