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    How worth is for 4 letters .net

    Yes. how worth is for 4 letters .net. The lower and the higher.

    For example :

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    Depends on the 4 letters. Spells a common name, lots. Makes sense when the tld is added (, even more.
    "" isn't at all bad...someone would likely buy it, maybe mid 3 figures at most...but it would require finding the right buyer...

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    Bear exactly correct, you always have to find the right end user. Vieri, you can always work up a site and rent the domain name (traffic), I know a few people who do that and it works out for both parties.

    Best of luck

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    I have 4 letters dot com, it s valuable ?


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    All depends on the 4 letters. I'm assuming the example you gave ( is not the actual domain??, so without knowing the actual 4 letters there is no way to estimate the value.

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    I have noticed 3 letter .dot coms are impossible. There is a chance for 3 letter .Net.
    I could see good value in 4 letter .com's especially if their meaningful, since its the only .com's available these days. 4 letter .net in my opinion will have a lower value since there is 3 letter .nets available, if its meaningful it should have potential.

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