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    Question PayPal - Minimize Fraud?

    Hi All,
    I am finishing a online product that is charged for by the month.

    The buyer will also have the option to buy a domain to go with the product.

    My concern is that if I accept a paypal payment for a domain which later turns out to be a fraud - I will be stuck with a domain name =(

    Has anyone any suggestions on how I can verify buyers or minimise fraud?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The best I would think of is to deal with verified paypal users. Also ensure that their contact address is valid.

    I think that should be fine. I doubt you will go all out to get photocopies of their ID/driving licence for just one domain.

    There are some domain registrar that offer refund if you cancel the domain within the first 5 day or so. So that's all i can think of at this moment.

    Hope it helps alittle

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    Hi Acidbase,
    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Yep the driving licence might be a bit of overkill

    How could I ensure that their contact info is valid? Sorry if that is a stupid question..

    Does anyone know what percentage of Paypal users are verified as opposed to not? It would be a bummer to turn down business...

    I was going to go with enom, I am not sure if there are better options than them? With regard to cancelling....

    Thanks again

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