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    Try this...

    I was visiting this SITE and down on the bottom there is a link to a security test for your computer.

    Turns out that it is a PROMO FOR MCAFEE and it does it's thing:

    " security advisor will attempt to open your cd rom in 15 seconds "

    Well it did manage to open my CD ROM !!!

    It is an ActiveX control that they are downloading to your computer and running that is opening up your CD-ROM drives. What you have to do is the following steps:

    1. Click on the Tools menu.
    2. Click on Internet Options.
    3. Click on the Security Tab.
    4. Click on Custom Level
    5. Scroll down to the section heading labled "ActiveX controls and plugins"
    6. Change the settings of each sub-header to be like the following:

    (If a message pops up asking if you want to change the security for this zone click on Yes.)

    * Download signed ActiveX controls - Prompt

    * Download unsigned ActiveX controls - Prompt

    * Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe - Disable

    * Run ActiveX controls and Plugins - Enable

    * Script ActiveX controls marked as safe - Prompt

    7. Click on OK twice to save the settings and exit.

    Now you are safe from unsafe ActiveX controls.

    Some of these you do want,like Spybot's scripts and such,but you'll be protected now from bad scripts...........

    The Dude

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    It's pretty old..
    Just a vbscript.

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