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    whick Control Panel i need use?

    hello everyone:

    i am ready start my web hosting business, i want use 3 types of OS below

    1. Windows server 2003 server enterprise edition
    2. Red Hat 9
    3. FreeBSD

    i use those OS provides different types hosting services for my customers, but i do not know which Control Panel is good for me? so, is anyone have more experiences about Control Panel for those OS above.

    Could u tell me which Control Panel software is perfect for each OS?

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    Presuming you could either downgrade RedHat to 7.3 or upgrade to RedHat Enterprise, then H-Sphere from might be your ticket.

    H-Sphere provides support for FreeBSD, RedHat (7.3 and Enterprise), and Windows 200x (Windows ony as web servers, MSQL servers, or Cold Fusion servers).

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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