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    Criteria to review a website?

    Dear webmasters !

    I am making a web directory and reviewing website in a foriegn language. I would like to know how should a website be reviewed or in other words whats the criteria of reviewing a website. How do you review a website when you surf on it?

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    Browser compatibility, easy navigation, loading time would probably come first, after that, (if you are still there) the design and content. But that could be just me

    Everyone is different in what they expect from a site, some want eye candy, some want simplicity and yet others might like a balance between both. Reviews are in the eyes of the individual reviewer

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    To summarize what anon-e-mouse is trying to say, it depends on the target audience of the web site. While navigation and content are important regardless of the audience, browser compatibility and load time may not be.

    For example, is geared towards broadband users, so load time is less of an issue. But, sites like or certainly do need to remain cognizant of load time because their target audience includes anyone in the world with Internet access.

    This means you need to prioritize your ranking categories. Navigation is close to the top for me, along with cleanliness. I also like web sites with a point to them and are logically organized, and this shouldn't necessarily be subjective. If you put yourself in the shoes of an audience member, you'll generally provide more objective reviews.
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    This is what I normally use;

    Can your site be found in major search engines?
    Has your site won some awards?
    Is your site fast loading?
    Do you allow visitors full control over their software?

    Is your navigation at the top of every page?
    Is your navigation at the same place on every page?
    Is your navigation easy to operate or difficult?
    Do external links open in a new window?
    Can we get to any part of your site within two clicks?
    Do you have "Top" buttons on long pages?

    Is your content interesting?
    Is your content unique?
    Is your content complete?
    Is your content free of spelling errors?

    Overall Aesthetics
    Are your colors and text using proper contrast?
    Do you use a unique theme, and is your theme seen throughout the entire site?

    Legal Information
    Do you have a Privacy Policy?

    Did we feel like returning to your site?
    9/11 Memorial, do you have a story to tell?
    United Web Site Award Givers, do you believe your site is worthy of an award?

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    Um... I thiink we're also forgetting the "worst case scenerio" testing?

    As in:

    - 600 x 800 dpi monitor: NO HORIZONTAL SCROLLING
    - Code is HTML 4.0 / JS 1.2 compliant
    - Browser at WCS is Netscape 4.7 or IE 4.5
    - Test on Dialup

    - MT

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