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    * please, help me to decide......

    Hello people

    After some time thinking of it (and looking around, searching a lot, reading a lot more.... ), I have decided to start a hosting business. Somehow when I woke up this morning a really good name came across my mind as a "sputnik".... maybe I was dreaming about it, who knows?..... 10 minutes later I was in front of my comp checking if the domain name was available and.... YES!!!!!! It can be mine!!!!!!!!!

    Now I have to decide which dot to buy as .com, .net, .biz, .us are all available. I am unsure about .com and .biz.

    What do you think guys??

    I will develop it and run it by myself, but probably I will sell it gets stable and made some profit.

    Hope I explained myself right

    Thanks a lot in advance,
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    .com is king and not likely to be replaced as such.

    So, definitly get the .com if you're just buying one.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Here's a similar discussion -

    Just buy them all if you are rich.

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    lol nah, just one is enough.

    Thanks for your advices guys.

    I will go for the .com

    Email me or pm me for custom design. Cheap prices!!

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